CornerBoard Product Specifications

CornerBoard Tolerances

Length:   Plus or minus 1/8" on 48" and shorter boards. Anything over 48" will be plus or minus 3/8 of 1% of length. Example: 144" x .375% = .54" or plus or minus a little over ½ inch.

 Leg Dimensions:  Plus or minus 1/4" on even legs (3x3, 2x2, etc.), or plus or minus 1/2" on offset legs (2x4, 1x3, etc.). All CornerBoard legs are measured on the underside, from the edge of one leg to the other leg where it meets the radius.

 Thickness:  Plus or minus 5% of the CornerBoard caliper. Example: .225" CornerBoard is within thickness tolerance if it is between .213" and .237"

 Angle:  85 degrees - 110 degrees. CornerBoard is manufactured using recycled paperboard. These products are initially formed less than 90 degrees, but because the memory of the paperboard the CornerBoard normally will be more than a right angle.

 Packaging:  Plus or minus 5% of the standard packaging schedule. Example: 3x3x.225x36" is listed on the standard packaging schedule as having 990 pieces per skid. The actual number of pieces could be between 940 and 1040. The correct number of pieces will always be reflected on the bill of lading.

Standard Packaging - Pieces per Pallet  Download this table as PDF